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Specialist knowledge

A substantial part of our work is translated in-house, but some is also subcontracted to experienced freelance translators, all of whom work solely into their mother tongue. When placing work, we endeavour to ensure that the translator whose services are engaged has the requisite specialist knowledge for the subject in question, in terms of both linguistic accuracy and style of writing.


Whilst we have developed expertise in a number of fields, we do, nevertheless, encounter texts which contain extremely specialised language and abbreviations that do not fall within the bounds of everyday language. Where this is the case, it is policy to liaise closely with an individual named by our client, either to clarify meanings not immediately obvious or to arrange for further enquiries to be made, where appropriate and possible, with the party from whom the document(s) originated.

The process of turning a piece of writing from one language into another can often be complex and it is our strong conviction that false economies at this stage can lead subsequently to serious and costly misunderstandings and errors.

Quality control

Strict attention to accuracy, with an equally keen eye for style, forms the basis of our objectives where translation work is concerned. To this end we ensure that the translation, after having been checked by the translator, is then looked at by an independent reader before it is returned to the client. We do not guarantee that mistakes are never made, but this policy does reduce the incidence of errors. We guard our record for conscientiousness and high standards zealously.


We do not believe that offering "instant" translations is ethical, neither do we believe this is fair, either to the client or to the translator. What we are able to do is to negotiate realistic deadlines, which will ensure that our clients receive accurate translations within the shortest possible timescale. This having been said, we adhere strictly to deadlines once they have been agreed.


As with any professional service, our clients may be assured of complete confidentiality in respect of any work undertaken by us.

Professional fees

Whilst our fees are not the lowest or, for that matter, the highest to be found in the United Kingdom, we believe firmly that we are competitive. It is our view that translators, like other professionals, deserve remuneration commensurate with the skills and experience which they bring to their work. We do claim, however, to provide a finished product of quality, based on a careful and painstaking approach to each assignment and a willingness to work closely with our clients.

Fee basis

The basis for our fees is always the word count in the source language. Where additional work, involving complex layouts or detailed research is required the matter will be discussed in advance with the client, in order to obtain authorisation to incur any supplementary charges this may entail.

Presentation and layout

In many cases, particularly where complex pro formæ are involved, we will reproduce the original layout to the best of our ability, within the constraints imposed by our word processing software. Tables can be reproduced if the client so wishes, but the contents will be included in our word count. In certain instances, clients simply prefer to have headings and captions translated.

What our clients can expect from us

We hope that, in addition to receiving work of the highest quality, our clients will enjoy dealing with us. We take a keen interest in the success of a client's business and take pleasure from our involvement, however, modest and indirect this may be. We will always carry out work in accordance with the terms we have agreed with our client and it is our aim to ensure that this is done in a professional, but relaxed atmosphere.

What we appreciate from our clients

It is always helpful to be given as long a deadline as possible, although we recognise that work often needs to be undertaken as a matter of urgency. We are flexible in our approach and will always seek to accommodate our clients' requirements.
In addition, it is particularly helpful if clients bear in mind that copyright exists in respect of many publications, extending to translation rights. It will assist greatly if this position is clarified before a request is made for translation, in order to avoid legal complications and unnecessary delays.

Our invitation to you

Thank you for spending this short time at our Website. We hope very much that we have been able to provide you with a brief insight into our company and into the way in which we work. We also hope that we will have the opportunity to discuss your translation requirements with you and to provide you with a quotation for such work.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.


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